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Locksmiths Tips

Always have a spare key or leave one with a friend or relative. It may be cheaper to pay for a taxi than to have a new key programmed for your car. Some makes even require a whole new computer to be put into your car!!!

Buying a New Car? Insist on Security Pin Codes and Key Codes from your dealer. If your vehicle comes with a Security Pin Card, keep it with the service manual and keep the codes recorded at home.

Broken Key in the lock?


Do NOT stick something into your ignition or door lock to try to extract a broken key. It cannot fall out the other end. It will only force the key further in & make it harder to get out.


Don’t be tempted to try to super glue the key together. It will only glue the key into the lock.


Call SAS Locksmiths. We can extract it and cut you a new key on the spot, making it a lot quicker and cheaper!

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